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Publishing and MultiMedia Production / Visual Communications / Cultural Strategies / Design Research

Executive Producer

Kevin McCaffrey is a publisher, writer, editor, documentary film producer, and oral historian with a long history of both commercial and volunteer service. McCaffrey owns e/Prime Media LLC, specializing in research and products relating to culture, history, environment and design in Louisiana and around the rim of the Gulf of Mexico. e/Prime has done research work for the State of Louisiana, produced video for such disparate clients as The Historic New Orleans Collection, Galatoire’s Restaurant and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. His interest in foodways led him to the James Beard Awards when he was one of three finalists in broadcast media for We Live To Eat: New Orleans’ Love Affair With Food. It also produced its own documentary for television: A Common Pot: Creole Cooking on Cane River, a study of Creole Cuisine and Celebrating Tradition, 100 Years of Galatoire’s Restaurant. e/Prime published The Incomplete, Selectively Quirky, Year By Year Prime Facts Edition of the History of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. (ISBN 0-9766154-0-1) Kevin is currently finishing a program on the current culture of food traditions in Acadiana.

CREATIVE WORKS: Documentary Films / Books & Articles / Reviews / Consultation / Oral History

In studying foodways in Louisiana, he has been the first male visiting scholar at The Newcomb College Center For Research on Women at Tulane University and has worked as co-director of the oral history project there on culinary issues and foodways, recording many hours of food related interviews. He was also a consultant with the Deep South Regional Humanities Council on foodways related programs.


e/Prime Philosophy

e/Prime combines creative thinking and scholarly research into products of high quality content addressing issues of culture, environment and sustainable commerce. Focusing on projects within the American South and Caribbean rim, collaborative teams of professional researchers, designers, writers, editors, and producers utilize traditional and emerging media to present their thinking and conclusions to their audiences.

We create works of rich discussion and evaluation existing beyond just information dissemination. Our books, films and digital media are constructed to record, enlighten, and inform our project topics in both an authoritative and entertaining manner. We believe in challenging our audience as well as our product collaborators by blending scholarly facts and archival research with good storytelling.

At e/Prime, human values, needs and directions inform our perspectives. The interconnectedness of peoples within our geographic purview suggests new ways of looking and presenting cultural information. The similarity of our respective environments determine the design evaluation, research models and delivery systems for our dialogue.

Every hemisphere, country, city, and rural area hosts cyclic flux. Change is related to sustainable resources and the conditions influencing them, which in turn provide sustenance for new strategies for survival. Beyond survival come stability, identity and cultural growth. The question of culture is tensioned between established inhabitants, eco-structures and migration, suspended on random human events, climate conditions and economic flows. Inevitably, changes, whether catastrophic or glacial, affect each area of the planet. Most people today understand that actions, cultural upheaval or growth from one area can generate benefits or adverse effects on another culture halfway around the globe.

While it may be fashionable to think of the new century as the “Asian Century,” with its newly opened markets and resources to be exploited by industrial nations, this is as naive as it can be cynical. The rest of the world does stop changing if we focus on Asia. History often repeats itself, at least economically and politically, and the cultural exchange can be thought of as the leavening in history’s rise. A relativist application transferred from one area to another has huge impact on the new development of both areas. Therefore it is important to identify successes, to identify failures, to identify strains of flux in an effort to exchange unique cultural strategies that might provide successful survival conditions in far-flung reaches of the world.

Build a wooden structure in Palau Urbin or in the Quintana Roo and see what similar methods relieve heat, rain, wind, humidity and decay. And like two rocks of the same material left for millennia under a rushing stream, see the marks and shapes of those structures evolve under the hands, needs and abilities of the indigenous natives working within their cultural organization. Or introduce rice fields or mend nets with fishermen in each area…

Therefore it is important to chronicle, study and reevaluate constantly man’s natural relationship with his natural surroundings. Forming influences must always be considered and counted on, and therefore one must constantly rediscover one’s world wherever one may reside. So while some people look to the Asian factors, there is still much to be studied, much to be valued and much to be evolved in developed and underdeveloped areas of the world. e/Prime is a catalyst setting out to do that with a geographical center of 90 degrees west longitude and 24 degrees north latitude.

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